Matt Konda
13 October 2023

Scottish Rite

Scottish Rite is much more than a great children's hospital.

Matt Konda
12 September 2023

Writing Letters

I started writing letters again.

Matt Konda
28 August 2023

Subvert Platforms

Don't Give Platforms the Power To Control What You Read

Matt Konda
25 August 2023

Tools I Depend On

Tools I Depend On Every Week (2023.Q3 Edition)

Matt Konda
21 August 2023

Make Changing Names Easy

A reflection on how identity is grounded in a non-changing name.

Matt Konda
31 October 2022

Grounding Through Maps

Assembling maps of places I've lived - to build a reflection.

Matt Konda
31 August 2021

Digital Art Starting Simple

Simple art ideas with pixel arrays and fields.

Matt Konda
05 August 2021

Digital Art Sierpinski Carpets

Making art with code has been a fun diversion

Matt Konda
14 March 2021

Emotions Coming out of Covid

Dealing with covid is really hard. On many levels.

Matt Konda
09 March 2021

Retiring OWASP Glue

A writeup and post mortem of the OWASP Glue project

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