I started Jemurai to build the kind of company
I wanted to work for: positive, constructive, technically excellent.

We take a fun and constructive approach with developers to ensure that security is
more than an afterthought. We consult, write code & break things to make them stronger ...
We focus on communication and transparency internally and externally.
Ultimately, we measure success by our client's success fixing issues.

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Entrepreneurship | Being a Founder

I have been fortunate to walk a path toward building products, services and now companies. Of course, I can point to many successes and failures along the way. I owe this to many people and expect to write about what I've learned.

Social Justice | Politics

I've had a passion for social justice since elementary school. This photo made a distinct impression ... what would I stand in front of a tank for? My mother registered voters in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement. My father, a math professor at a women's college, tought me not to say girl. I'm in a cross cultural mixed race marriage and a number of folks in my family are gay and married. Oh, and I'm an atheist.


Being involved with OWASP let's me be part of a bigger community. In addition to my work on the board, I participate in the Dallas and Chicago chapters and I contribute to OWASP Glue.

Get to know me ...

  • Coding

    I love the process of building new things and take pride in hands on tech knowledge.

  • The Beautiful Game

    I still play and coach.

  • Reading

    I really dig SciFi and Fantasy. I also read a fair amount of non-fiction. Currently Piketty.

  • Trance

    I listen to trance when I code. I like all kinds of music though. Live: jazz.

  • Family

    I'm very family focused and while I've had a few fun family stories, mostly I don't share those.

  • Nature

    I'm a huge fan of the outdoors. Hiking, biking, sitting silently.

Technical Security

We have a clear mission to help developers with their security challenges.

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