Matt Konda

Software meets security meets entrepreneur.


01 September 2018

As a startup doing consulting, we met to talk to clients about almost anything.

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01 August 2018

If you are doing consulting, you will need to write proposals. We write our proposals as Google Docs and then send them as PDF. We are on and off with Mimiran which allows us to build proposal templates, then quickly produce proposals collaboratively. Its a cool service, we can only leverage it effectively when we have standardized products (future post?).

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Startup Finance

15 July 2018

For me, finance was one of the areas that initially intimidated me about starting my own business.

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Great Reading

01 July 2018

People often ask me what books I would recommend. Here is a quick list.

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Startup Project Management Tools

13 June 2018

I thought it might be worth writing some of my ideas about tools we either use or have used at Jemurai. After starting, I realized that I should write separate posts for different types of tools as this quickly became a long read. So here, I’ll focus on different ways we have organized ourselves - meaning project management and tracking tools.

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