04 July 2020

Startup Challenges and Entreteam Update

Matt Konda
Matt Konda @mkonda

This post talks about some recent updates around my businesses and a quick update around entreteam.

Entreteam Update

In 2018 and 2019, I had tried to organize several accountability groups to help entrepreneurs like myself brainstorm, stay in the game and help each other. Although the groups were largely successful, in terms of having active attendance and participation, they dwindled when we moved to a new office space and it became tricker to easily meet because we didn’t have a space with easy access and parking. I also found myself extremely busy trying to bootstrap our new SaaS business securityprogram.io.

My ambitions were high with Entreteam and I was very idealistic. Becoming an entrepreneur has been a lifechanging event and since 2012, I have had freedom, power to price, space to innovate and say what I think in a way that it is hard to imagine giving up now.

I believed that if more people were able to experience this, it would be “good for society”™ - maybe even transformative. I still think that, but I just ran out of energy and cycles to spend on the effort in that incarnation.

I am lucky to have met a number of great people who continue to support me each other in more ad hoc ways. Thank you for that.

But with this post, I’m calling the entreteam effort closed and deciding to stop spending my active energy on it. Again, luckily, I have other ways to fill this void. If you are an entrepreneur - please reach out. I’d be happy to chat about networking, startups and business and will do whatever I can to support you. You can find me at matt.konda@hey.com or matt@mattkonda.com, @mkonda on Twitter, etc..

Business Update

On the positive side, the SaaS platform https://securityprogram.io (which we call SPIO for short) business has been growing and presenting interesting challenges.

The cool thing about the platform is rethinking how small businesses approach security. We get to take our expertise and flip the script to make it work better for smaller, largely tech focused companies.

Of course, week in week out we’re working on much more mundane things like:

  • Standardizing delivery
  • Balancing consulting revenue with product feature development
  • Developing marketing and sales capabilities
  • Enabling partners
  • Retaining and engagement customers

Lots of fun results and hopefully more news to come!


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