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Startup Grind April 2019

23 April 2019

Lee Blaylock typically moderates Dallas Startup Grind events and while we were preparing for my fireside chat April 23 he provided some ideas around questions he wanted to ask. I thought answering a few of them in a blog post would make a fun and useful way to prepare. I want to thank and acknolwedge Helena Krusec for doing the actual questionning and moderating. Not to mention the other folks at the Capital Factory who helped with setting up, promoting and cleaning up.

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Seven Year Post

13 February 2019

I started Jemurai 7 years ago. It seems fitting to write a reflective post about what has worked well, what has not worked so well and how it felt along the way. I hope it is interesting.

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Accountability Groups

18 January 2019

I have found it extremely helpful to seek out and cultivate working peer groups to encourage cross functional learning, accountability and more objective reflection on the course of a business.

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Startup CRM Tools

12 September 2018

We have tried a fair number of CRM tools. The TLDR; is that we settled on Contactually for keeping our network warm and Highrise for tracking deals and sales related tasks. We also use spreadsheets for certain campaigns or experiments.

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